Cake smash

A first birthday cake smash is a must. Your little one will love making a mess and it makes for the most wonderful photos and memories!

4 Key Tips for Smashing Smash Cakes

1. It doesn't need to look perfect. It is going to be smashed after all! So don't spend hours and hours in the kitchen.

2. Don't go too big or complicated. One layer is sufficient, as there will be plenty of other sweet foods or another cake on the day.

3. Beware of the sugar rush! Remember that if your little one has never had sugar before their big day, it might send them on a little bit of a high, before they plummet to a sugar-frenzied don't leave them with the cake for too long!

4. Snap snap. Don't forget to get someone else to take some snaps before your little one goes head first into the cake and you miss the moment!


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