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Fruit cake with a twist!

With all the birthday cake options that are out there, the big decision of which cake to have for your little one’s first birthday can be a little overwhelming. I don’t know about you, but anything high in sugar turns my little boy rather crazed! Many parents now choose to keep their babies refined sugar free for their first year and this can cause birthday cake anxiety at parties! Added to this is the pressure of trying to ensure that birthday cakes suit the needs of gluten free, dairy free, nut free.. the list seems endless and you don’t want any of your little party guests being left out of the cake experience! So I stumbled across this option of making a healthy birthday cake out of fruit and decided to give it a whirl. It turned out great, was very easy to make, and children love the naturally sweet tropical fruit. The design can be adapted to whichever fruits you have available and can be finished beautifully with one of our cake toppers.

1. Find a nice big watermelon, the smallest I could find happened to be 11kilos which is a little excessive, but you get the idea!


2. Cut each end of the watermelon off so both ends are flat, then cut the skin off in segments, in a downwards fashion, to form a cake shape. Cut small pieces at a time to keep the shape more accurate. Continue to cut small amounts until you’re happy with the shape (and it looks like a cake!).

3. Now for the fun part: decorating! Choose any in-season fruit and try a few different colours to stand out on the red. I went with segmented kiwi fruit and attached with toothpicks (be sure to remove before the kids dig in!).








4. On the top design I cut rockmelon into heart shapes and created a shape in the middle to hold some delicious blueberries.

5. For the final touch, choose the perfect cake topper to finish off your masterpiece and enjoy! The kids will love it - without the sugar high! x





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