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How to entertain your toddler this Easter.

How to entertain your toddler this Easter.


So you had grand Easter plans of seeing family or lapping up this glorious autumn weather.....but COVID-19 has unfortunately had other ideas so here are a few fun ways to keep the toddlers entertained this, vastly different, Easter.


  1. Easter craft: even if you don’t normally celebrate Easter, it’s a great chance to get some creativity going. One idea is painting eggs; this might be more successful with a hard-boiled egg for toddlers! Rock painting with Easter designs is also a fun and easy activity.. which doesn’t end up with broken egg shells everywhere! Other inspiration includes drawing a large egg on paper and decorating it with paint, glitter and any odd ends you have around. Check out Sonny in the blog photo who is very proud of the chicken he has created!
  2. Easter baking. There are lots of great Easter baking ideas. I find with toddlers the simpler and messier the better! We went with a basic chocolate chip cooking recipe which Sonny had great fun making. He loved adding the ingredients and mixing up the mixture with a big wooden spoon ( he also enjoyed eating the mixture!). Once the cookies were baked, he enjoyed decorating them with icing and mini Easter eggs. They’re far from picture perfect but he couldn’t be prouder of his creations and, most importantly, they tasted good!
  3. We have a tradition of camping for Easter. As this can’t be done this year we are going to make the most of this gorgeous weather and put a tent up in the backyard, have a small fire in the brazier and toast some marshmallows. It’s not quite the trip we had planned but the kids will still be sure to love it!
  4. Prep for the Easter bunny. The world is full of bad news currently and that’s why it is important to celebrate the small stuff. So talk to your toddler all about the Easter bunny and what snacks we should leave out for him to build excitement.
  5. The big day! Obviously chocolate is necessary but we all know how the chocolate rush ends so we have also got some plastic Easter egg containers (can be found in Spotlight or Aldi). These are great as they can be filled with other snacks such as raspberries, sultanas, yogurt drops or they could have small instructions with activities like doing a length of the lawn or hopping on one leg to compensate for some of the chocolate intake!


I do hope that this has provided you with some good ideas for your Easter weekend and wish everyone a lovely Easter with your family. 

The Birthday Suit Co team x

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