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How to make a balloon garland to make your party pop!

A balloon garland is simple to make and really makes a great decoration! It can be adapted for any theme and occasion. For my little one’s first birthday we went with a tropical/jungle theme and the balloon garland worked perfectly. A unicorn theme with our unicorn balloons would also look fantastic! 

1. Materials: Assortment of balloons in four to five different colours makes for good variety and contrast. We went for white, gold, dark green, light green and black. You also need nylon to tie balloons on to and added props such as our tropical leaves make a great finishing touch. 

2. Balloons can be helium or air balloons. If going for air, I would get a pump or some friends to help with the inflation! I managed to rope Mum into helping (aren't Mums the best?!) Helium bottles can be brought from various shops. 

3. Inflate balloons to different sizes, the more random the better! Tie together in pairs. 

4. We went with around 18 pairs but adapt for the length you desire.

5. Get your nylon string ready, ours was around 6 meters, with hubby being fishing obsessed we used fishing line! Make sure a few meters are left either side to tie the garland up. Then simply twist each pair of balloons around the string. This doesn't have to be perfect as it can be tweaked once most are on. The balloons can be rotated and smaller ones added to fill any gaps until your happy with how it looks. 

6. Additional touches: Our tropical palm leaves looped around the nylon really give it that extra something. Our patterned jungle balloons would also look great in a garland, as would our unicorn balloons.

7. Extra hints, don't inflate too early! Remember to keep away from little grabby hands! Enjoy! xo


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