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Location, location, location: ideas for children's parties.

How overwhelming can the decision of what to do for your little one’s birthday party be?! You want to make sure that primarily they have a great time, but also that your guests enjoy themselves too. You also want to ensure that you keep costs reasonable and that organisation is convenient for you. So here are a few options, with both pros and cons for each.

Home: Hosting your child’s birthday party at your own home can be very convenient as it allows your little one to maintain their normal sleep and routine for the day which usually means they’re in more of a party mood! This one obviously also keeps costs down too. It also allows you ample time to set up your decorations and get things looking exactly how you like. First birthdays in particular are often held at home as when it has all been too much for your little birthday star, they can head to bed for a power nap! This option really depends on the size of your party v’s the size of your house! Another drawback is the potential chaos and mess you may encounter and the need to try to tidy your house whilst your little birthday boy or girl creates havoc! Sometimes guests can outstay their welcome and you can find that the party may continue on a little longer that you had wished! If this is an issue for you, I suggest putting a finish time as well as a start time on any invitations.  If you are able to contain the party outside and/or have a smaller group, then the home party can be a perfect choice.

Local park: There are so many great parks in our hometown of Brisbane but also all around Australia.  A park party cuts the costs of paying for a venue and allows your little ones the ability to run free. Children can use the play equipment and this saves on buying in any special toys to entertain little ones in your garden. If you do wish to add entertainment services, parks allow the open space for setting up activities. Another bonus is the clean up. Let’s face it, it’s also pretty good when you don’t have to give your house an extra clean and make it presentable! Some parks are fully fenced which is perfect to contain the little ones (particularly if you have a runner like me!) Whites Hill reserve in Brisbane is a great fenced option.  So, where are the cons? The biggest drawback is relying on the elements. Will it be too hot? Will it be too cold? Will it rain? This is a tough one, however, my suggestion would be to make sure your venue has a shelter of some sort. Even if it’s a park with a small pergola or gazebo. When ominous black clouds circled at my little one’s first birthday park party, it threatened to storm, but everyone was pretty happy to crowd under the small pergola while the rain passed and it sure didn’t dampen anyone’s day! Other options are to bring your own gazebos just to be sure. Also remember to consider the time of the day with a park party and what the temperature will be at that time. For a first birthday, mid-morning before it gets too hot or later afternoon can be great options. Be  sure to send some family to claim a sheltered area nice and early! Also remember to check on your local council website as some parks require pre-booking for parties.

Venue: A party venue is a great choice to take any hassle out of organising a birthday party. There are lots of great choices on offer which can be tailored to your child’s age, your budget and the time of year. Some options include booking restaurant spaces or hall venues (good for first birthdays before there is too much chaos),  local swimming pools and indoor play centres. Outdoor swimming pools are a great summer option for kids that are a little older and often venues offer packages. Other sporting or activity venues or cinemas are suitable for older children and you can tailor your choice of activity to your little one’s interests. Indoor play centres such as Lollipops playland are located all over Australia and provide a great hassle free party perfect for any season. Fun Fit Play is also a great new bright clean indoor play option in Wynnum in Brisbane if you are a local. The kids will have a fantastic time with all the play areas and catering can be provided as well making for a very easy party! The drawback..the cost! You are generally charged per head so this may involve you being strict with limiting invite numbers, and this can cause issues for school aged children who may hate the idea of leaving some classmates off the list.

There are certainly plenty of options out there for children’s birthday parties. Your main consideration should be what suits you and does not cause any undue stress in terms of organisation or cost. Remember that all most kids want is space in order that they can run free with friends and eat cake! They will be more than happy with whatever option you go for. Good luck and happy party planning! xxx

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