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Making Memories To Treasure

You’ve made it through the first year! Congratulations! The first birthday party is all planned and ready to go. Outfit, decorations, cake, food, invitations, activities: you are ready to roll! It’s a big, and often very emotional, day. Wasn’t it just five minutes ago you were packing your hospital bag?! And now here they are, no longer a baby but now toddlers! How is this so?! It’s no coincidence that people often start feeling clucky again around the first birthday.

The first birthday is a celebration of the year that’s been. 12 months of sleepless nights, emotional roller coasters and dirty nappies. More importantly, 12 months of love. Marking the first birthday with milestones including height, weight, first words and favourite toys is not dewy eyed self-indulgence; it is an effort to preserve the moment. To freeze the little baby that they are so that you can remember these precious details of your baby in the years to come. Our first birthday packages come with cute little milestone first birthday cards for you to record those very precious details.

When that first birthday party is over, keep the things that are important for you to freeze that moment. In our digital age we are overloaded with pictures yet so rarely print them. We have so few physical mementos and these are so very important for the years to come. Keep that outfit, the birthday crown, cards from important people, a copy of the invitation perhaps. Even try to print out some actual physical copies of photos! Store these precious memories somewhere safe for the future.

Our packages come in a cute drawstring tote bag which is perfect for storing all of these precious items and memories, including our milestone memory cards. These adorable little bags can then be opened and read on future birthdays, even by your not-so-little-by-then ones themselves, perhaps even when they are celebrating a first birthday of their one little ones! Some memories are worth preserving.


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