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  • How to entertain a toddler

    We love getting out and about frequenting local parks, the library, day trips to the zoo and the beach, going away camping and play dates, however, since Sonny’s baby brother Andre arrived, I have found the co-ordination of getting out much more difficult! We still manage to get out most mornings on a little excursion but the afternoons we find chilling at home much easier, which, has required some brainstorming on activities we can do in the backyard. Here are some tried and tested ideas that we have discovered..
  • Take Two (the 2nd Birthday)

    Hang on a minute.. wasn’t it just two seconds ago that I was arranging that first birthday party? It seems like it, but I’ve suddenly realised that it’s only a month before my little one turns two. Two. Terrible twos.
  • A Year of Firsts. First birthday: celebrating the first year of motherhood.

    The firsts keep rolling on in and there’s the first smile (was it wind? No definitely a smile) and the first babbles (why is the “dad” babble always first?!) which progress into that cherished first word. Then the first crawl and first unsteady steps… who knew that the every movement of such a tiny little uncoordinated person could bring you such unadulterated joy! Suddenly you realise that you’ve become one of those Mums whose phone is full of hundreds of photos and videos of your little one’s firsts (which actually happen every single day) and more surprisingly, you realise that you don’t mind this change one bit!


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