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Take Two (the 2nd Birthday)

Hang on a minute.. wasn’t it just two seconds ago that I was arranging that first birthday party? It seems like it, but I’ve suddenly realised that it’s only a month before my little one turns two. Two. Terrible twos.

It’s certainly a challenging age but let’s not get too carried away as there’s also nothing cuter than watching your little cutie imitate adult behaviour by making imaginary phone calls and riding the broom like a horse down the hall. I can also see some of my own behaviour mirrored back at me, whether I like it or not! Which can be equal parts hilarious and terrifying, of course. His little personality is really forming now and I’ve started to see the person that he is going to become. No longer a little extension of myself, he is definitely forming his own opinions and preferences and on occasion, I’ll get a beautiful yet surreal glimpse of what his future holds and what that life might look like. It’s hard to accept that one day all their decisions will be their own and that they won’t need that bedtime story and a third rendition of “Ba Ba Black Sheep” before being tucked into bed. But right now he does. So as his second birthday approaches, I vow to keep appreciating those moments and keep singing “Ba ba” loudly and off-key. Even when I’m sleep deprived from his newly learned ability to climb out of his cot in the middle of the night (how is he ready for a big boy bed already?!). 

So this second birthday, we’re opting for a park party to give him freedom to roam, but I still plan to mark the occasion. There will be cake and decorations and a cute little t-shirt. Because, he’s only two once, and every birthday marks an achievement for both of us. We’ve made it. And we’ve grown, both of us, in ways I couldn’t have conceived this time two years ago. Happy 2nd Birthday little man.

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