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The Big Day

No, not quite as big as your wedding day, but nearly. Your little bundle of joy has made it to their first birthday! Happy mummaversary! Whilst this is an amazing milestone..it can also be fraught with stress and panic. Suddenly there are 'to-do' lists coming out of your ears and you realise that kid birthday planning is almost as stressful as the big day itself!

Relax. There are really only a few things that you need to make the big day go down well. If you are a busy mum who doesn't have time for hours of preparation for the day, here are some tips.

1. Buy that outfit! 

Whilst some may claim that this is unnecessary, ordering an outfit takes the stress out of what to dress them in on the morning of the big day. That cute little outfit will look great in your photos for years to come and might find its way into a memory box too.

2. Order decorations rather than making them

Decorations really do make even the smallest of gatherings feel like a real occasion and unless you have lots of spare time and are super crafty with the old scissors, buy them instead! You don't want to spend hours and end up with a Pinterest fail!

3. Don't sweat about the perfect cake!

Every party needs cake! If you have time (and ability!) to make one - well done! You can take the most ordinary of little cakes to the next level by adding a cake topper. Don't have time to bake? Order one from a cake maker - and don't feel guilty about it! Your little one is not going to know whether you baked it with your own fair hands or not. Let's face it, that cake is for us - we've earned it!

4. Home or park are equally fun

Don't want to worry about making your house presentable? Opt for a park where kids of all ages can be entertained. Would rather set up your house and keep them contained? No problem. Decorations can work equally well at home or at a venue so do what works for you and suits the season.

5. Have fun!

The day is about love. Celebrating a year in the life of your little loved one with people that you love. Anything that you can do in terms of organisation should be about making the day stress-free rather than impressing anyone. Today, you are celebrating a whole year of being a Mum. So take those pictures early, have that glass of champagne and take a moment to stop and reflect on what a year it has been.


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