About Us

Founders of Birthday Suit Co.

Birthday Suit Co. is a one-stop shop for birthday party preparation which helps parents make their little one's birthday as special as they are.

The store was launched in 2018 by two Mums who found searching for outfits for their bub's upcoming birthday celebrations much harder, more time consuming and more expensive than it should have been. Birthday Suit Co. provides parents with a fun range of affordable and stylish birthday outfits, accessories and decorations without having to scroll through pages and pages of options. What parent has time for that?!

Birthday Suit Co. selects products that are simple, fun and trending now to ensure that your little one looks as stylish as possible for their big day and for those photos to be looked back on for years to come! 

Offering an inspired array of birthday outfits, accessories and decorations, Birthday Suit Co. ensures that this birthday suit, and birthday, is as special as the first. xo



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